Military USB Connectors

Manufacturers of military grade USB connectors for defense applications including suppliers of military spec, and tactical USB connectors used in military systems and equipment
Overview Military USB Connectors
By Staff Writer Last updated: December 29th, 2023

USB connectors are crucial for efficient and reliable data transfer in military and defense applications, as well as for communication systems and power supplies.

A military USB connector can be used across a range of devices, their use becoming more common due to the requirement for standardized, reliable, and interoperable connectivity in the defense sector.

Military grade connectors have to adhere to strict standards to ensure durability and security in extreme operational conditions. Two prevalent types of USB connectors in military applications are:

  • Type-A: usually utilized in host devices.
  • Type-B: most commonly found on peripheral devices.

Both undergo ruggedization processes to maintain resistance to uncompromising environments like temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, and moisture. 

USB Connectors – Physical Characteristics

Mil-spec connectors have shielding to help the electronics resist radio-frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

They are often made with strong housing materials, providing robust protection from vibration and impact. They can also include features like coupling mechanisms or keyed connectors to guarantee secure connections and stop mismating.

Electrical Characteristics

USB connectors for the defense industry comply with stringent voltage and current requirements, aiming for compatibility with the varying power demands of different mission-critical technologies. 

Additionally, these connectors can incorporate aspects like high-tech encryption and data security to safeguard protected information during transfer.


There are a broad range of applications for USB connectors designed for the military, including:

  • Communication devices to field-deployable equipment
  • Data storage to ruggedized laptops
  • Power and connect electronic devices:
    • GPS units
    • Night vision goggles
    • Communication systems
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