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Manufacturers of Military HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units and suppliers of military tent heaters, military tent cooling systems and HVAC climate control for military/defense applications.
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Military HVAC Systems

Compact AC unit for military tents

Compact AC unit for military tents by Dantherm Group

Military HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions are designed for a wide range of structures and vehicles, including field camps and hospitals, forward operating bases, tactical shelters, naval vessels and armored vehicles. They may be required to operate reliably in even the most extreme of conditions around the world, such as in deserts and Arctic environments.

Building and tent heaters and cooling systems help protect personnel from the effects of extremes of temperatures. The effects of extreme cold include loss of productivity and effective decision-making, and conditions such as hypothermia. Extremes of heat can also lead to loss of productivity and ability, and may also provide ideal conditions for certain infectious diseases to proliferate.

Air conditioning, climate & temperature control

Dantherm AC-M7 MKII Tent Cooler

Dantherm AC-M7 MKII Tent Cooler

In addition to keeping personnel comfortable, climate and temperature control units may also be required to keep equipment and specialized electronics operating, as well as to keep food and medical supplies usable.

Military heating and cooling systems may be portable or transportable, with trailer-type wheels or the ability to be positioned by forklift truck. Some HVAC units may be designed to be mounted into windows in ISO standard containers. They may operate on mains electricity supplies, or powered by generators that run on diesel and military fuels such as JP-8. Many are designed with indirect-fire technology that produces no harmful fumes such as carbon dioxide, and also makes them safe to run in facilities that contain flammable or combustible materials.

Sealing & filtering

Military HVAC systems may be used to filter living and working environments for noxious substances such as gunsmoke, chemicals, and fuel fumes, as well as sand and dust. They may also need to provide sealing and filtering capabilities to Collective Protection (COLPRO) and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) standards.


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