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Fini Gleitze Nielsen Business Unit Director at Dantherm Group, talks to Defense Advancement about fulfilling the complex cooling and heating needs of the military and humanitarian sectors around the world Feature Article by Dantherm Group
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Active all over the world and one of the biggest HVAC manufacturers in the EU, Dantherm Group discusses field-deployable climate control solutions that can be depended on even under the most difficult of conditions.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Can you explain a little more about your involvement in the defense industry and how long you have been operating in this sector?

Dantherm Group’s story reaches back to the 1950s and from its inception, we have been focused on manufacturing reliable and energy-efficient climate control equipment for a wide variety of purposes. Since 1984, our humanitarian and defence division has been focusing on fulfilling the cooling and heating needs of the military and humanitarian sectors during missions. We are active all over the world and have supplied more than 40,000 air handling systems to this sector.

Today, Dantherm Group stands out as one of the biggest HVAC manufacturers in the EU. Our organisation and manufacturing capacity is higher than most, so we are capable of delivering large volumes at very short notice. We do all product engineering, manufacturing and testing at our own factories and test centers in Europe, and we are accustomed to providing our clients with customized service and field support on request.

What challenges does Dantherm Group’s product range address and what is it that gives Dantherm the edge in this field?

Dantherm’s Humanitarian & Defence climate control products are renowned for their reliability and ruggedness. Engineered for longevity and durability, our products are designed to endure rigorous usage in extreme conditions while remaining user-friendly, allowing for seamless operation and maintenance by end-users.

Recognized as Environment Control Units (ECUs) for a variety of applications including tents, shelters, ISO containers, and more, our product range is comprehensive and versatile.

Our products and spare parts dedicated to these sectors are registered with NATO Stock Number Systems (NSN), making service and repair processes easy using our dedicated online webshop or through personal assistance.

Dantherm Container Coolers

Dantherm Container Coolers

Our product portfolio encompasses outdoor solutions tailored to operate effectively across diverse global climate zones. Capable of functioning in extreme temperatures, our products offer multiple power supply options to accommodate local requirements. Proven through extensive field operations in challenging environments such as deserts, arctic regions, mountains, and jungles, our products consistently deliver reliable performance.

Notable operational areas where our products have excelled include Afghanistan, Africa, Australia, Colombia, Greenland, and Iraq.

Dantherm Group’s HVAC products adhere to NATO requirements as well as strict ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards, can you explain why these are so critical?

To qualify as a supplier in the military sector, it is mandatory for our products to comply with all specified military standards and specifications (e.g., STANAG). Dantherm Group is certified according to internationally recognized Quality and Environmental Management System standards, namely EN/ISO9001 and EN/ISO14001.

In addition to these certifications, Dantherm prioritizes Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. These standards provide our customers with the assurance that we manufacture high-quality products while also minimizing our environmental footprint.

Which countries do you ship your products to and are there any specific locations that prove more troublesome to export to?

We serve the world and will ship our products and solutions to wherever they are needed. Our main customer base is currently in Europe, but our market shares are growing in Australia, North and South America, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Are there any new areas you are looking to move into, or products in development for 2024 and beyond?

Dantherm Group is actively expanding its global presence, focusing on innovative solutions geared towards achieving high energy efficiency standards. While we already offer solutions that comply with North American power supply requirements and national legislation, we will be further expanding our range in 2024 and onwards.

Thank you so much for your time, it has been a pleasure talking to you and we look forward to reading about and sharing Dantherm Group’s news and announcements in the future.

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