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Protecting Against Adverse Weather Conditions in the Field

Dantherm outlines the key qualities a heating solution must deliver in challenging environments, and how Dantherm’s FH units meet them head-on Feature Article by Dantherm
Protecting Against Adverse Weather Conditions in the Field
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From conflict areas and natural disaster zones, to providing shelter for refugees in times of crisis, military and humanitarian camps and field hospitals must make sure they can keep indoor temperature conditions correct and comfortable in all types of weather conditions.

In the article “Bringing the heat to military camps and field hospitals with FH units” Dantherm outlines the benefits of indirect-fired heaters and the importance of efficient heating for military and humanitarian field camps and hospitals.

Camps and field hospitals in extremely cold and challenging conditions worldwide require a reliable source of heating to stay operational. Designed for military and field hospital tents, FH 20 and FH 40 are capable of operating in temperatures down to -40ºC, maintaining personnel comfort and equipment readiness.

With rapid heat delivery, easy operation, and robust construction, they offer essential mobility features for swift deployment.

Based on clean air technology, the units use indirect fire to avoid introducing combustion or fumes into occupied spaces. The full article on Dantherm’s website covers finding an effective heating solution, the difference between indirect and direct-fired heating, and how FH units fulfill the needs of military camps and field hospitals read it here >>

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