U.S. Army Soldiers to Receive Cutting-Edge Safe Cells for Wearable Battery Technology

The U.S Army’s Wearable Battery packs will be outfitted with the SiMaxx™ Silicon Anode safe cells from Amprius, prolonging mission durations for soldiers deployed on the battlefield and doubling the energy density of existing technology By William Mackenzie / 14 May 2024
U.S. Army Soldiers to Receive Cutting-Edge Safe Cells for Wearable Battery Technology
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Amprius Technologies, Inc. (Amprius), an innovator in next-generation lithium-ion batteries, is set to supply its state-of-the-art SiMaxx™ safe cells to complete the development and qualification for the U.S. Army’s next-generation Wearable Battery pack.

The U.S. Army has been working to revolutionize power solutions for dismounted soldiers by introducing a next-generation battery pack with significantly higher energy density than current solutions. When integrated into a battery pack, the SiMaxx™ safe cells will approximately double the energy density of existing solutions, significantly extending mission time for soldiers on the battlefield.

The agreement comes after the U.S. Army recently expressed demand for wearable battery technology – powerful solutions in relatively lightweight and compact packages that soldiers can safely carry and wear.

The SiMaxx™ safe cells from Amprius were developed as part of the U.S. Army-funded Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program, an industrial preparedness effort focused on scaling critical Army-wide manufacturing requirements. 

In July 2023, Amprius SiMaxx™ safe cells successfully passed the rigorous safety and performance requirements of MIL-PRE-32383 (Military Performance Specification). In January 2024, Amprius successfully completed its scale-up manufacturing initiative under ManTech, which included the delivery of SiMaxx™ safe cells.

Amprius assert that the development in battery technology for the U.S. Army represents a substantial progression in wearable battery technology, and underscores the importance of innovation in supporting the modernization efforts for our soldiers in the field.

Dr. Kang Sun, CEO of Amprius Technologies, commented; “This battery pack integration marks a significant advancement in enhancing on-the-ground power solutions for the U.S. Army. Our SiMaxx™ safe cells, known for their high energy density and safety features, will play a crucial role in enhancing mission time and reliability for dismounted soldiers.”

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