New Variant of Counter-Drone System Launched

The Dronebuster Fixed-Site features a scalable architecture with multiple RF emitter configurations, low cost IP-67 capability, and is easy to integrate and operate with serial network protocols By Joseph Macey / 18 Jun 2024
New Counter-Drone Variant Unveiled
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C-UAS equipment design and manufacturing firm, Flex Force Enterprises, has unveiled the Dronebuster® Fixed-Site (FS).

The Dronebuster FS incorporates edge technology and user-centric design and empowers users to cost-effectively install distributed counter unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) equipment to protect complex perimeters as part of a layered defense.

Greg Valentin, President of Flex Force Enterprises, said; “The team continues to rapidly innovate our Dronebuster platform. The Dronebuster FS provides lots of capability to adjust the system parameters and is readily integrated onto vehicles, pan-tilts, or user-defined installations.”

Key features of the Fixed-Site:

  • Scalable architecture with multiple RF emitter configurations
  • Low cost, IP-67 capability for distributed effects
  • Easy to integrate and operate with serial network protocols
  • Capability to adjust system parameters to optimize performance against threat or minimize collateral damage concerns

The official unveiling of the Dronebuster Fixed-Site will occur at Eurosatory in Paris, France, on June 17, 2024. The company will be based on booth D281 in Hall 5a.

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