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Fuel Safe Bladder & Tank Systems for the UAS Market

UAV Propulsion Tech is going to market Fuel Safe Systems’ fuel bladder & tank systems to the United States UAV market, expanding the reach of their specialized expertise By Abi Wylie / 21 Aug 2018
Fuel Safe Bladder & Tank Systems for the UAS Market
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UAV Propulsion Tech has signed a representative agreement with Fuel Safe Systems to market fuel bladder & tank systems to the US Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market. 

The company currently represents several global organizations providing propulsion, servos, autopilots, gyro-stabilized gimbals, electric turbofans, pneumatic launchers, rescue/recovery parachute solutions, capacitive fuel level and ultrasonic fuel flow sensors, inertial navigation systems & Galileo digital magnetic compasses, 3D printed UAV airframes and hydrogen fuel cells.

Fuel Safe Systems is a developer of high-performance safety fluid storage solutions for motorsports, marine and subsea, defense, manned and unmanned aviation, and various industrial markets. 

Fuel Safe has provided these industries with a wide range of fuel, water and chemical systems for 30 years, and has recently been focusing on providing lightweight, crash-resistant fuel systems for unmanned systems. 

Militaries, government agencies, law enforcement agencies and defense contractors from across the globe have found enormous benefit in working with Fuel Safe on their projects, where complicated geometries, weight restrictions and ballistic protection have required specialized expertise. UAV Propulsion Tech was selected by Fuel Safe to help promote, increase and develop their exposure in the US UAV market.

Bob Schmidt, founder and president of UAV Propulsion Tech, said; “I was looking for an advanced fuel system provider to work together to provide fuel delivery solutions to my UAV customers and was impressed by the capabilities of Fuel Safe in the consumer and military markets. 

“The addition of Fuel Safe to the solutions UAV Propulsion Tech can provide to this market will increase our ability to be the choice of UAV manufacturers that are looking for suppliers that can provide multiple hardware solutions. I am looking forward to working with Fuel Safe to provide custom and COTS fuel delivery solutions for the UAV market.”

Bill Hare, president of Fuel Safe, said; “The UAV fuel system market is a rapidly expanding and relatively untapped defense market for Fuel Safe because most SUAS and MUAS solutions are being developed internally by the UAV manufacturer. 

“We have found that there is a need for lighter, safer, and more customized solutions in the market, as well as a need for fuel bladders and systems that can reduce the possibility of fuel starvation in even the most extreme conditions. We believe UAV Propulsion Tech is a perfect partner to help us increase our visibility in the market and bring these solutions to their expanding UAV customer base.

“Bob’s experience as a fuel systems engineer in the automotive market and 13 years’ experience in the UAV market will allow UAV Propulsion Tech and Fuel Safe Systems to engineer and deliver world-class fuel delivery solutions for this market that will resolve many of the uses seen with the legacy solutions.”

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