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XPO24: 2-Stroke Heavy Fuel UAV Engine Unveiled

The new HF-TOA288-SDI heavy fuel engine from Suter Industries is designed for Group 3 UAVs, and is built to meet the global demand for engines utilizing jet fuel By William Mackenzie / 22 Apr 2024
XPO24: 2-Stroke Heavy Fuel UAV Engine Unveiled
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Suter Industries will launch the new HF-TOA288-SDI heavy fuel engine at this years’ XPONENTIAL 2024 in San Diego, Booth #3650.

The US representative of Suter Industries, UAV Propulsion Tech will also be at XPONENTIAL, Booth #3648.

The new 22.5hp UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) engine has been designed to meet the growing global demand for engines utilizing jet fuel (Jet-A1, JP5, JP8), in order to meet the safety and logistics goals of customers worldwide.

Suter has produced over 300 gasoline TOA288 engines to date and the increase in demand for larger heavy fuel UAV engines for group 3 UAV’s was the driver for developing this new engine.

The Suter HF-TOA288-SDI is a twin cylinder, horizontal opposed, air cooled, two cycle engine, with semi-direct fuel injection and a 1kW starter/generator (2 kW optional).

  • Displacement: 288cm3.
  • Power: 16.5kW (22.5HP) @6500rpm.

The engine was designed in collaboration with CAE GmbH; combining CAE’s 25 years of manned & unmanned 2-stroke engine experience with Suter’s over 25 years of 2-stroke motorcycle racing design & manufacturing experience.

The result is a high-performance, reliable, world class UAV engine currently produced in Switzerland.

Dietrich Kehe, CEO and founder of CAE GmbH, commented; “This new engine pushes further 2-stroke heavy fuel combustion technology resulting in an engine with reliable combustion through hot/cold/altitude operational conditions.”

Lars Jäger, CSO of Suter Industries, added; “We continue to expand our capabilities, personnel and facilities to advance our aerospace engine solutions to meet challenging customer performance and delivery requirements.”

This new heavy fuel engine will be on display at the Suter Industries booth #3650 at XPONENTIAL 2024, APR 23-25th in San Diego, CA.

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