Cutting-Edge UAV Technologies for Defense Primes, Drone OEMs and Systems Integrators

UAV Technologies for Defense Primes

Defense Advancement showcases the range of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies UAV Propulsion Tech markets from countries around the world including Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States By Joseph Macey / 18 Apr 2024
UAV Technologies for Defense Primes
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UAV Propulsion Tech markets leading UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technologies for domestic defense primes, drone OEMs and systems integrators. 

We’ve just launched the company’s Defense Advancement supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with UAV Propulsion Tech.

The profile showcases the technologies UAV Propulsion Tech markets from Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA. These solutions include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom solutions covering; propulsion, autopilots, launchers, capacitive liquid level sensors, engine sensors and much more.

Read on to find out more:

UAV Engines, Propulsion & Fuel Cells

Suter Industries
Compact 2-stroke gasoline & heavy fuel UAV engines
More information: Suter Industries UAV engines.

Mejzlik Propellers
Custom & COTS military-grade drone propellers
More information: Mejzlik drone propellers.

Advanced drone propulsion solutions for multirotor, fixed-wing & hybrid platforms
More information: ePropelled drone propulsion solutions.

H3 Dynamics
Hydrogen fuel cells for military & defense drone applications
More information: H3 Dynamics hydrogen fuel cells for drones.

Liquid level sensing and flow meter technology for military UAVs.
More information: Reventec liquid level sensing technology.

UAV Servos, Flight Controllers and Autopilots

Custom and COTS mission-critical servo actuator solutions
More information: Volz actuator solutions.

Professional autopilots for all UAV platform types
More information: MicroPilot professional UAV autopilots.

Aeron Systems
MEMS inertial sensors for drones and robotics
More information: Aeron Systems MEMS-based inertial sensors.

UAV Gimbals & Imaging Systems 

Compact EO & IR imaging gimbals for UAVs.
More information: Merio gyro-stabilized imaging gimbals for UAVs.

UAV Launchers & Parachutes

Parachute recovery systems for fixed-wing UAVs.
More information: PASA parachutes for fixed-wing UAVs.

Pyrotechnic parachutes for VTOL drones and UAM.
More information: ParaZero COTS and custom drone parachutes.

Eli Airborne Solutions
Pneumatic UAV catapult launchers & parachute release systems.
More information: Eli Airborne Solutions – UAV catapult launcher and parachute release systems.

UAV Transponders and Remote ID Solutions

Miniature transponders for ADS-B, Remote ID & DAA.
More information: Aerobits miniature transponders for ADS-B, Remote ID & DAA.

To find out more about the UAV technologies UAV Propulsion Tech markets, please visit the company’s profile page:

To learn more, contact UAV Propulsion Tech: Visit Website Send Message View Supplier Profile
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