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Dynamic GNSS/INS Simulation Solutions Showcased at JNC 2024

Join CAST Navigation at The Joint Navigation Conference, June 3-6, at Booth 312 to discuss how GNSS/INS simulators make warfighters’ positioning and navigation systems more robust and resilient By Sarah Simpson / 04 Jun 2024
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CAST Navigation is demonstrating how the company’s dynamic GNSS/INS simulation solutions contribute to military positioning and navigation system resilience at this year’s Joint Navigation Conference (JNC), June 3-6.

Dynamic GNSS:INS Simulation Solutions Showcased at JNC 2024

CAST Navigation configurable simulators let you replicate GNSS conditions anywhere on Earth to test any air, sea, land, or space scenario.
Find out more in the JNC Exhibit Hall, Booth 312.

Any combination of CAST Navigation simulation modules can be used to create a simulation solution that scales from phased array antenna testing to squadron-level simulations.

CAST-GNSS: Generate precise, repeatable GNSS RF signals from up to four constellation signal types, including M-Code, with as many as sixteen satellites in view.

CAST-Inertial: Produce high-rate inertial data with customized IMU block output performance characteristics to test complex EGI and GNSS/INS navigation systems.

CAST-CRPA: Send precise, coherent, and repeatable GNSS RF signal wavefronts for controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) testing and integration verification.

CAST-Jammer: Simulate natural, industrial, and adversarial interference conditions with clean waveforms and very low intermodulation noise.

Military and defense customers use these simulator capabilities to model dynamic vehicle motion through challenging GNSS conditions in any domain.

  • Air: Design dynamic trajectories for piloted or autonomous aircraft flying through contested airspace.
  • Ground: Simulate any vehicle type to evaluate navigation systems anywhere on Earth.
  • Sea: Model antenna moment arms, sea state, multi-path, and other conditions unique to naval GNSS reception.
  • Space: Assess the GNSS/INS performance of orbital and suborbital vehicles at hypersonic velocities.

Join the CAST Navigation team at Booth 312 in the Northern Kentucky Convention Center >>

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