GNSS & Navigation Testing Simulators - Antenna & Interference Simulation
GNSS Simulation & Testing GNSS & GPS simulators for military positioning and navigation testing
GNSS Simulation & Testing

GNSS & GPS simulators for military positioning and navigation testing

Provides precise and repeatable GNSS RF signals that can be utilized for testing in a laboratory or field-type environment Visit Website Contact
GNSS Simulation & Testing

CAST Navigation’s GNSS simulation systems provide consistent and repeatable signals and advanced vehicle trajectory modelling, with the ability to simultaneously provide up to four different constellations on each antenna element. The systems can be used in the field or in a laboratory environment and are ideal for testing military navigation and positioning devices.

A powerful performance evaluation module allows users to compare raw measurements and filtered data received from the system under test with vehicle truth data. This provides post-test receiver analysis and truth report generation capabilities that can be archived for future reference.

Trajectories can be defined by user-defined profiles with a wide variety of options for vehicle types and constellation parameters, or generated from previously-recorded external data. A wide variety of other parameters can also be tailored to suit your specific simulation requirements, including multipath, atmospheric delays, spoofing, interference, antenna gain patterns, and more.


Output Signal Types GPS: L1, L2, L2C, L5, C/A-Code, P-Code, Y-Code, SAASM, M-Code AES, M-Code MNSA,
BeiDou: BDS-B1L, BDS-B1C,
Signal Output Levels (Nominal) GPS: -160 dBW
Beidou: -163 dBW
SBAS: -160 dBW
Signal Accuracy Pseudorange: 1 mm
Pseudorange Rate: 1 mm/s
Delta Pseudorange: 1 mm
Interchannel Bias: < 1 mm
Uncontrolled Bias: < 1 mm
Bias Repeatability (initial): < 1 mm
Bias Stability (operational): < 1 mm
Signal Level Control Range: ± 30 dB
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Signal Quality Spurious: < -45 dBc
Harmonics: < -50 dBc
Reference Oscillator: 10MHz OCXO
Frequency Stability: 3×10-9per day