Crystal Group Offers Embedded Systems for Military Applications

Defense Advancement showcases Crystal Group’s rugged computers, mission critical servers, and secure data storage for military, defense and government missions in challenging environments By DA Staff / 12 Jul 2022
crystal rugged Mission computers
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Crystal Group, a developer of rugged high-reliability computing systems designed for military, defense and government missions in challenging environments, has partnered with Defense Advancement to demonstrate its expertise in this field. 

The company’s ‘Silver’ profile showcases its military-grade computing solutions, which are trusted and utilized around the world by the US Department of Defense and allied nations.

Military server

With built-in advanced cyber-protection, Crystal Group’s rugged servers are designed for mission-critical computing applications such as surface and undersea vessel communications, command and control, ballistic missile defense, and airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

Military computer systems

Crystal Group provides a range of highly configurable and feature-rich embedded computing products for specialized applications such as mobile communications and command and control systems. All its embedded systems follow the Intel roadmap to ensure maximum upgradeability and future-proofing.

mission critical server

The company’s rugged ultra-low-latency networking solutions are designed for demanding real-time data transmission applications, including naval communications, command posts, and ground-based radar. Its offerings include high-performance switches and firewalls with a range of form factors including rugged transit cases and rack-mounted formats.

secure Military data storage

Designed with state-of-the-art data protection technologies, including encryption, intrusion detection and instant data destruction, Crystal Group’s cybersecure storage systems provide maximum security and protection for confidential data on land, at sea and in the air.

rugged edge computing

Crystal Group provides the world’s only ruggedized military- and IEC-compliant video appliances, delivering unmatched zero-latency 4K video streaming, recording, extension and storage. Its scalable video solutions are designed for critical combat operations such as surveillance and command and control, and are designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, including standard Gigabit Ethernet networks.

mission critical computing

The company also offers milspec portable and rack-mountable monitors which use advanced lamination and glass technology to provide enhanced durability, contrast, and sunlight readability for applications in military vehicles, vessels and command posts.

To find out more about Crystal Group and its embedded systems for military applications, please visit the company’s profile page: 

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