Identification Friend or Foe & Mode 5 Combat ID for Military UAS
ZPX-A AIMS-certified Mode S transponder with ADS-B

AIMS-certified Mode S transponder with ADS-B

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The ZPX-A is a DoD AIMS-certified Mode S transponder that is ideal for both military and civilian UAS needing to operate safely in controlled civil airspace. Featuring Extended Squitter (ES) ADS-B OUT, it includes control of X-bit in Mode A replies and individual on/off mode control.

Weighing just 50 grams, the low-SWaP ITAR-free transponder can be integrated into a wide range of platforms, including Group 1 and Group 2 UAS. It can be paired with the uAvionix truFYX-EXT SBAS GPS receiver to ensure delivery of safe separation information to Air Traffic Control (ATC). It can also be integrated with a range of drone autopilots to enable dynamic control from the ground control station (GCS).