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Military IoT Data Network for Military Asset Tracking & Management

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Military IoT Data Network for Military Asset Tracking & Management
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Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions provider Smarter Technologies specialize in military asset management, equipment tracking, and the monitoring of complex logistics and supply chains around the globe.

The IoT data network “Orion” is a unique low power ultra-narrow band 433 MHz UHF radio system, enabling SIM-free, wireless military asset-tracking and smart-building solutions – providing effective inventory management, mission assurance and operational efficiency.

Accreditation & Security

Smarter Technologies’ systems are ISO 27001 compliant, CyberSecure and UK Government-approved for full integration with MODNET.

Aligned to NCSC guidelines, in compliance with Government Digital Services (GDS) Technology Code of Practice, and with full CHECK Green certification, our systems have been cleared for RADHAZ, HIRTA and WOME for use in close proximity to people, fuel, munitions and other sensitive equipment. We use accredited UK cloud servers to host our data.

Orion IoT Data Network

Advanced Internet of Things for defense applications

Military IoT Data Network

Smarter Technologies’ proprietary network Orion is an end-to-end, low frequency, long range radio solution offering fast and scalable military equipment tracking and asset management using low power ultra-narrow band 433 MHz UHF radio.

Orion’s low frequency gives it significant range and penetration through buildings, or into underground spaces, whilst the efficient duty cycle and 2-way radio protocol avoids channel congestion and packet loss. This leads to more reliable transmission of near real-time data, immune to Wi-Fi dead-spots, Bluetooth range limitations, LoRaWAN channel congestion and GSM data charges.IoT Data Network

Orion is less susceptible to jamming, interception or interference, and being wireless is easy to configure, quick to install, and can be updated remotely, suiting it to future-proofing military installations and the monitoring and tracking of mission-critical Government Furnished Equipment (GFE).

Orion is compatible with other existing network technologies, such as GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Sigfox and ZigBee HAN.

IoT Data Network for military equipment tracking

More information: Orion IoT Data Network

Military Asset Tracking

IOT Real-time equipment tracking & inventory management

Orion is a significant advancement on existing smart meter systems and is uniquely frugal, enabling battery-powered sensors to operate for years on a single power pack. Impressive range, signal penetration, power efficiency and reliability make it well suited to operation within the defense sector, including; military installations, naval bases, airfields, and military ports and marinas.Military Asset tracking managementOrion provides significant data insight to enable improvements in operational efficiency and risk assurance. It also adds to the transparency of third-party contracts by monitoring contractor performance and identifying trends in equipment and fleet utilization.

  • Clearer contract oversight & accountability
  • Intelligent inventory planning
  • Improved logistic efficiency
  • Streamlined resource allocation

More information: Military Asset Tracking

Smart Installation Monitoring

Digital twin technology to orchestrate processes, personnel & equipment

By tagging critical assets such as utilities, HVAC systems, security measures and compliance measures, Orion enables the monitoring of assets at any time, from anywhere. With full asset visibility and real-time alerts Orion can provide a complete site overview to prioritize informed decision-making.

Smart Building Data monitoring software

The state-of-the-art building management system can create a digital twin of your command, allowing fast and effective monitoring and control of your entire operation – enabling the observation and monitoring of your entire facility, asset by asset, on your customized platform.

More information: Smart Installation Monitoring

SmarterView User Interface

Interpret data using SmarterView data monitoring software for the Orion real-time data network™

Turn military assets and equipment into smart military IoT devices using Smarter Technologies’ smart sensors and tags. Tagging critical assets with rugged wireless smart tags, enables the collection of vital data, providing statistics and information relating to location, sound, vibration, temperature, status, etc.

Data monitoring software

SmarterView makes it possible to then command, control, monitor and manage your assets in real-time using the Orion data network. This level of comprehensive asset management overview promotes immediate action, automation and analysis, all available at a glance and with access to smart analytics and AI capability.

More information: SmarterView User Interface

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