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Heavy Fuel and Gasoline Engines for Unmanned Aerial Systems

Sky Power International
Heavy Fuel and Gasoline Engines for Unmanned Aerial Systems
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Sky Power International develops two-stroke combustion and Wankel rotary engines for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and hybrid applications. All our standard engines can be tailored for military and defense mission requirements according to customer specifications.

Our engines can be used as direct propulsion, for hybrid solutions, as range extenders, or in generator function for power generation.

We develop and manufacture all our engines in Germany. Customer adaptations, new developments and the capacity extension of the combustion engines are another corporate objective.

Gasoline & Heavy Fuel (HF) Engines for UAS

We offer a variety of one- or two-cyclinder gasoline and Heavy Fuel (HF) engines for UAS. Our patented engine mufflers can further reduce noise levels for covert military operations.

All UAS-engines beginning at 55 ccm cylinder displacement will be delivered as a twin-spark version, with independently operating ignitions, which provides quieter running, increased safety and reliability, and redundant operation. Fuel injection options are also available.

We offer single-cylinder multi-fuel engines, two-cylinder gasoline and multi-fuel engines, Wankel rotary engines, and engine accessories.

Engineering Services

With over 35 years of experience in the development of engines and their ancillary systems, we offer customers a comprehensive Engineering Services catalogue, pertaining to the development of individual propulsion concepts, optimization of existing propulsion structures, and to the integration of propulsion solutions into UAS cassis.

We offer services such as:

  • Engine break-in testing
  • Endurance and specification testing
  • Overhaul and maintenance
  • Repair
  • Customer-specific service on request
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