Heavy Fuel and Gasoline Engines for Unmanned Aerial Systems
SP-170 HF FI TS ROS Heavy Fuel Engine Dual cylinder Heavy Fuel engine for UAS
SP-170 HF FI TS ROS Heavy Fuel Engine

Dual cylinder Heavy Fuel engine for UAS

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SP-170 HF FI TS ROS Heavy Fuel Engine

The SP-170 HF FI TS ROS is a two-stroke engine with twin spark and rear output shaft and starter generator, designed for a wide range of UAS applications.

The two-stroke SP-170 engine with 170 ccm is the mid range propulsion system designed for aircraft from 60-80kg MTOW.

This engine has successfully completed hundreds of hours of maritime operations for EMSA and has proven itself in all associated operating conditions.

The SP-170 TS ROS is fitted with dual spark plugs per cylinder for redundancy and a Rear Output Shaft (ROS) for user adaptability.

The EFI system is designed ‘in house’ and offers customers a complete class leading turnkey solution. Fuel efficiency optimization is at the core of capabilities, with multiple variables monitored continuously for enhanced performances. All communication and engine health monitoring are performed via the ECU. Relevant information is made available via can-bus to the customer’s flight controller and telemetry systems.
Fuel injected engine for HF includes ignition, ECU, fuel pump, sensors, harness, preheating system, stainless-steel exhaust system, starter-generator and controller.

Type 2-Cylinder Gas Engine
Capacity 170 ccm / 10.37 cu in
Speed Range 2000 – 7000 RPM
Weight without subcomponents 20.24 lbs (9.2 kg)
Crankshaft 4 ball bearings
Oil/Gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% mix
Operating Voltage 12.5 – 16 V DC
Bore diameter 2.01 inch (51.00 mm)
Stroke 1.61 inch (41.00 mm)
Torque 18.19 Nm @ 4750 RPM