Heavy Fuel and Gasoline Engines for Unmanned Aerial Systems
SP-275 FI TS ROS Two Stroke Engine Two cylinder UAS engine
SP-275 FI TS ROS Two Stroke Engine

Two cylinder UAS engine

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SP-275 FI TS ROS Two Stroke Engine

The SP-275 FI TS ROS is a two-stroke engine with twin spark and rear output shaft for the most varied UAS applications.

With 275 ccm, the SP-275 engine is the largest, most powerful and most versatile two-stroke dual cylinder engine in our portfolio. Due to its dimensions and power output, this power dense propulsion system is designed for programs from 100-150kg MTOW.

This size engine has been manufactured for over 10 years and has accrued more than 10,000 operational hours. Internal development and testing has accumulated over 800 hours on dynamometer simulating various mission profiles and conditions.

With over 1000 engine systems produced to date, the robustness and durability of the SP-275 TS ROS has been proven in all global scenarios, from extreme cold to heat, humid and salty conditions to dust.

Customers can fly for over 12 hours continuously and BVLOS, due to this engines target market system. With the starter generator mounted on the ROS, the SP-275 is a dynamic propulsion system capable of several different configurations.

The following additional configurations can be offered:

  • Generator and Controller
  • Starter Generator and Controller
Type 2-Cylinder Gas Engine
Capacity 275 ccm / 16.78 cu in
Power 21.5 HP / 15.8 KW @ 6000 RPM
Torque 28.3 Nm @ 3250 RPM
Speed Range 1500 – 8000 RPM
Weight without subcomponents 20.35 lbs (9.25kg)
Crankshaft 4 ball bearings
Oil/Gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% mix
Operating Voltage 12 – 15 V DC
Bore diameter 2.32 inch (59.00 mm)
Stroke 1.97 inch (50.00 mm)