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MEMS Inertial Sensors, Gyroscopes & Accelerometers for Inertial Guidance, Control & Stabilization

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Silicon Sensing
MEMS Inertial Sensors, Gyroscopes & Accelerometers for Inertial Guidance, Control & Stabilization
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Silicon Sensing is a leading developer of precision stabilization, inertial navigation and control solutions for highly demanding military and defense applications. Our state-of-the-art inertial guidance and control products have been deployed around the world in the most challenging of environments, and include MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, tactical IMUs and inertial sensing systems.

Our small, rugged inertial sensors are precisely engineered to deliver high-accuracy measurements while minimizing size, weight and power consumption, and are ideal for many critical defense applications – from missile stabilisation and guidance, to military manned and unmanned vehicle control; platform navigation on land, in the air or at sea, to precision mapping.

Rugged Tactical IMUs & MEMS Inertial Sensors

We provide a range of board-level and fully-enclosed multi-axis MEMS inertial sensors to suit a variety of performance requirements from low cost high-volume applications to tactical-grade systems. Based on our proprietary resonating ring gyro and capacitative accelerometer technologies, our sensors provide highly reliable output over a wide temperature range.

Our rugged IMUs and inertial sensors are ideal for a wide range of military requirements including inertial navigation, platform and antenna stabilization, and autonomous vehicles and robotics.


  • ITAR-Free 9-DOF IMU
  • Dynamic range: ±490°/s, ±10g
  • Bias instability 0.1°/hr, 0.015mg

MEMS Inertial Measurement UnitDMU11 MEMS IMU

  • Low-cost 6-DOF IMU
  • Dynamic range ±300°/s and ±10g
  • Bias instability <10°/hr and 0.05mg

itar-free mems imuIMU20 MEMS IMU

  • ITAR-free aerospace-grade IMU
  • Bias instability 2.5°/hr, 0.5mg
  • Dynamic range ±498°/s, ±30g

Mems inertial sensorCMS300 MEMS Combi-Sensor

  • Single axis gyro & dual-axis low-g accelerometer
  • Two in-plane axes of linear acceleration sensing (X & Y parallel to PCB)
  • Bias over temperature 1.75°/s and 30mg

Mems inertial sensorCMS390 MEMS Combi-Sensor

  • Combined single-axis gyro and dual-axis accelerometer
  • One in-plane axis of linear acceleration sensing (X parallel to PCB)
  • User selectable dynamic ranges (150˚/s, 300˚/s, 2.5g and 10g)

Military Gyroscopes

Our advanced silicon ring MEMS gyroscopes are available in surface-mount and fully enclosed form factors, with performance options for a range of requirements. Featuring low noise and excellent resistance to shock and vibration, the robust sensors deliver accurate angular rate data as well as temperature outputs for enhanced compensation.

Silicon Sensing’s state-of-the-art military gyros are ideal for a variety of defense applications including navigation, machine control, platform stablization, and integration into higher-order systems such as tactical IMUs and AHRS.

MEMS GyroscopeCRS39A Single-Axis MEMS Gyroscope

  • Low Bias Instability (0.03°/h)
  • Excellent Angle Random Walk (0.004°/Öh)
  • Ultra-low noise (<0.006°/s rms, 10Hz)


  • Outstanding stability with low noise (0.12°/s rms (100°/s))
  • Available in five dynamic ranges
  • Low Bias instability – 0.04°/hr (100°/s)

pinpoint mems GyroscopePinPoint MEMS Gyro

  • Hermetically sealed ceramic surface mount package
  • Flat & orthogonal mounting options
  • Low angular random walk of just 0.2º/√hr

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Military Accelerometers

Our high-precision dual-axis accelerometers combine advanced silicon MEMS sensors with a dedicated control ASIC, providing accurate linear acceleration in an ultra-miniature surface-mount package. A variety of rate range options are available, and all sensors can be configured for analogue or digital output.

Silicon Sensing’s high-performance accelerometers are ideal for a variety of military and defense applications including airborne, land and marine navigation, machine control, and integration into flight instruments and AHRS.

gemini Military AccelerometerGemini MEMS Accelerometers

  • Hermetically sealed ceramic surface mount package
  • Flat & orthogonal mounting options
  • Five dynamic range options
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