Tactical Grade IMU, GPS/INS, Weapon Orientation Solutions
CheetahNAV Tactical navigation system for military land vehicles

Tactical navigation system for military land vehicles

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The CheetahNAV is a versatile tactical navigation system that provides military land vehicle drivers and crew members with highly accurate position, navigation, time, velocity, and orientation information even under challenging GNSS-denied conditions.

Utilizing tactical-grade MEMS sensors, an embedded multi-constellation GNSS receiver, and real-time moving map technology, CheetahNAV enhances situational awareness and features a user-friendly graphical navigation capability that enables high-accuracy navigation between preset waypoints.

The rugged MIL-STD-qualified system is vehicle-agnostic and designed to withstand severe battlefield conditions. It provides a variety of options for installation and configuration, allowing it to be adapted towards specific mission requirements.


Main Display Unit 11.6” TFT, 1920 x 1080 sunlight-readable
Driver Display Unit 3.5” TFT, 240 x 320 sunlight-readable
GNSS Antenna Options NovAtel OEM719
NovAtel OEM7720
uBlox ZED-F/D9P
Heading Accuracy Static: 1.0° RMS (INS-B) / 0.08° RMS (INS-D)
Dynamic w/GNSS: 0.2° RMS (INS-B) / 0.08° RMS (INS-D)
Gyro compassing: <0.16° RMS * sec Lat
Pitch/Roll Accuracy Static: 0.06° RMS
Dynamic w/ GNSS: 0.03° RMS
Horizontal Position Accuracy w/GNSS: 1.8 m RMS
GNSS-denied: 0.2% of distance traveled
Vertical Position Accuracy 1.8 m RMS
Velocity Accuracy ± 0.05 m/s RMS (uBlox)
± 0.03 m/s RMS (Novatel)