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Why Consider Micro-D Connectors for High Speed Data Connectivity?

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  • Hosted by Powell Electronics
  • May 10, 2024 - Available on Demand
  • Since their development 50 years ago, Micro-D connectors have been commonly used throughout the defense industry. The connectors have unique features that should be considered by next generation designers, and its mechanical design has withstood the test of time. 

    Join speakers Brad Taras, Senior Product Manager at Cinch Connectivity Solutions, and Dean Phillips, President / Innovation Strategist at Longevity Industries / LINK Systems, to learn more about:

    • Why Micro-Ds with twist pin contacts are a highly durable connector design that has served military applications with 50+ year lifespans.
    • How Micro-Ds can reliably transmit high speed data.
    • The benefits of Micro-Ds as high-speed connectors.

    Traditional wired connections are vital for effective, high-speed data transfer, particularly in mobile applications that experience more intense vibration and shock than the capabilities of RJ45 connectors. The solution? Micro-D connectors with twist pin contacts.

    These connectors exceed military-grade shock and vibration standards while maintaining a compact size and weight. The 9-position version supports 10GBaseT data rates, while the 15-position version can handle a broader range of protocols often used in pre-existing hardware.

    The webinar will be streamed live from GlobalSpec, presented by Powell Electronics and Cinch Connectivity Solutions. Join here >>

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