Responsible Cyber Power

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by BAE Systems
  • April 29, 2021 - Available on Demand
  • Watch Dr Mary Haigh, CISO, BAE Systems facilitate a discussion between some of the women leading the way in cyber security.

    They discuss the importance of diversity in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the global cyber race. This event was held in partnership with RUSI.

    Watch the recording to gain insights into:
    The opportunities and challenges that each nation faces
    The role that the five eyes community can play in shaping how we use cyber in the right way
    The importance of diversity in – the shaping of what cyber power means, overcoming the challenges,  making the most of the opportunities it gives us.
    The role of cyber and technology companies in achieving diversity across the cyber ecosystem.

    Dr Mary Haigh – CISO, BAE Systems

    Abigail Bradshaw – Head of ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre)
    Shelly Bruce – Chief, CSE (Communications Security Establishment)
    Lindy Cameron – CEO, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre)
    Christine Maxwell – CISO, MOD (Ministry of Defence)
    Wendy Noble – Executive Director, NSA (National Security Agency)

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