How SOSA Aligns with Current Open Standards

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by Aitech Systems
  • 20230215 - Available on Demand
  • Understanding how SOSA ties in with existing technical standards, such as FACE, VITA, RedHawk & HOST, is what will truly facilitate the digital backbone, a unified, connected communications infrastructure being applied to military computing technologies.

    What to expect

    Industry leaders, Duc Huy Tran of Aitech, Rodger Hosking of Mercury Systems (formerly Pentek) and Dinesh Jain of Smart Embedded Computing, discuss how this alignment in open standards is driving system interoperability to truly uncover how the sum is greater than its parts. Each presenter will explain the merits of an existing open standard and how it works with, and complements, the SOSA Technical Standard.

    Hosted by Military Embedded Systems, this webinar covers the following standards as they relate to SOSA:

    – RedHawk & HOST (presented by Danish Jain, Product Manager – Military Electronics, SMART Embedded Computing)
    – FACE (presented by Duc Huy Tran, VP Global Marketing, Aitech Systems)
    – VITA (presented by Rodger Hosking, VP and Co-Founder, Pentek, Inc., now part of Mercury Systems)

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