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Mission-Critical Embedded Computing Solutions for Military, Defense & Aerospace Applications

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Mission-Critical Embedded Computing Solutions for Military, Defense & Aerospace Applications
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Concurrent Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of mission-critical embedded computing solutions for military, defense and aerospace applications.

Designed in alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard, our products are highly customizable and can be easily adapted to suit a wide variety of customer specifications and requirements.
Rugged Embedded Computing Solutions
We are ruggedization experts, and design embedded systems that excel under extremes of temperature, shock and vibration. We also equip our products with humidity protection and conformal coatings for reliable operation under a range of challenging environmental conditions.

Rugged Systems

Our ready-to-use COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) systems for military and aerospace applications are designed to operate in harsh environments and provide a range of functionalities including Ethernet switching and computer vision.

Rugged Switch SystemHermod
Rugged SwaP-C optimized Gigabit Ethernet switch with 15 ports
Rugged Computer Vision SystemHelios
Computer vision system based on Intel processor & NVIDIA graphics module
Rugged Systems for VPX DevelopmentVulcan
Development system for VPX projects based on Intel CPUs

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VPX Cards, Switches & Processors

We provide a wide range of computing solutions in the 3U VPX form factor, including processor PICs (plug-in cards), PNT (position, navigation and timing) cards, rugged networking solutions, and XMC carrier boards.

Rugged 3U VPX I/O CardsHermes
Rugged I/O-intensive 3U VPX plug-in card
Rugged SOSA-aligned 3U VPX card for PNTPR A11/6sd-RCx
Rugged SOSA-aligned 3U VPX PNT card for ISR sensors
Rugged 3U VPX Ethernet switchIRIS
Rugged 3U VPX 100/40 Gigabit Ethernet switch with dual enclave design
Rugged 3U VPX Processor BoardTR E8x/msd-RCx
Conduction-cooled processor board with Intel Xeon CPU & up to 32 Gbytes DRAM
Rugged VPX StorageTR MS1/321-RCx
Rugged 3U VPX mass storage module for 2.5″ SATA drives
rugged 3U VPX boardTR XMC/311-RCx
3U VPX carrier board supporting PCI Express Gen 3

AMC Processor Modules

Our AdvancedMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) processor modules are based around Intel Xeon CPUs and are designed for high-performance and compute-intensive applications. The modules include DDR4 DRAM with error correction for minimal data corruption, as well as a variety of I/O options including Ethernet, USB 3.1 and RS232 serial.

Rugged AMC processor moduleAM E4x/msd
AMC processor module with up to 12 core Intel Xeon CPU & 576 single precision GFLOPs performance
AdvancedMC processor boardAM C8x/msd
AdvancedMC processor board with6-core Intel Xeon CPU & PCI Express or RapidIO fabric interfaces

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VME Processor Boards

We provide VME processor boards for long-lifecycle and low-power defense and aerospace applications, based on Intel Xeon and Atom processors and featuring a wide variety of I/O as well as solid-state and direct attached storage options. Board support packages are available for Windows, Linux and VxWorks.

VME Rugged Processor BoardVP B7x/msd-RC
Rugged 6U VME processor board with 6-core Intel Xeon E-2176M
Rugged 6U VME processor boardVP F6x/msd-RC
Rugged 6U VME processor board with 4-core Intel Xeon E3-1505L v6
Rugged VME processor boardVP E2x/0sd-RC
Rugged 6U VME processor board with Intel Atom E3800

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Compact PCI Processors

Our 3U CompactPCI boards provide options that allow developers and systems integrators to migrate to the latest generation of Intel processors for enhanced performance and system lifecycles, as well as low-power options for SWaP-limited applications.

Rugged PCI processor boardTP B9x/msd-RCx
Rugged 3U CompactPCI processor board with quad- and dual-core 11th Gen Intel options
Rugged Compact PCI processor boardTP D2x/msd-RC
Rugged 3U CompactPCI processor board with low-power Intel Atom E3800 CPU
3U CompactPCI processor boardPP B7x/msd
3U CompactPCI processor board with 6-core Intel Xeon E-2176M CPU

Rugged XMC Modules

We provide rugged XMC modules that meet a variety of military and aerospace computing requirements, including Intel processor boards, M.2 storage, Gigabit Ethernet, and serial connectivity.

Rugged XMC processor moduleXP B5x/msd-RC
Rugged XMC processor module based on 6th Gen Intel Core CPU
Rugged XMC M.2 device moduleXM 620/x01-RC
Rugged XMC M.2 device module with PCI Express connectivity
Rugged XMC Gigabit Ethernet moduleXM 515/x24-RC
Rugged XMC Gigabit Ethernet module with 4 interfaces
Rugged XMC serial port moduleXM RS2/20x-RC
Rugged XMC serial port module with up to 5 RS232, RS422 or RS485 ports

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We offer a range of software solutions to support our rugged computing hardware products, including:

  • Board support packages for Windows, Linux, VMware & Solaris 11
  • Sanitization utilities
  • Enhanced security packages
  • Built-in test for firmware & software
  • Fast bootloader images to replace generic BIOS
  • Fabric switch configuration software

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