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Mission-Critical Integrated Systems, Chassis & Backplanes For Military Systems Operating In All Domains

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LCR Embedded Systems
Mission-Critical Integrated Systems, Chassis & Backplanes For Military Systems Operating In All Domains
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LCR Embedded Systems is a leading developer of integrated systems, chassis and backplanes for military aircraft, vehicles and systems operating in all domains. With over 35 years of experience in supporting US Department of Defense and international allied programs as well as commercial clients, we provide military- and aerospace-grade custom and COTS solutions that ensure success in the most demanding of environments.

Our embedded electronic products are designed to equip mission-critical platforms with the very best that the SOSA and VPX board architectures have to offer. We are a member of VITA and the Sensor Open Systems Architecture Consortium, and are committed to pushing the boundaries of state-of-the-art defense electronics design.

Cutting-edge design, manufacturing and test capabilities

Our team of industry veterans brings a wealth of knowledge to the design of our mission-critical products, with decades of experience in packaging, signal flow analysis, power envelope, thermal management, I/O and more. We make use of a wide variety of state-of-the-art design tools including 3D CAD modelling software, thermal and structural analysis, and 3D printing.

We operate an advanced manufacturing facility, based in the US, that features a full suite of assembly, manufacturing, integration, and testing capabilities and is staffed by highly trained and experienced personnel. We test to MIL-STD requirements as standard to ensure the utmost in performance under the harshest of battlefield conditions. Tests include:

  • Vibration: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-167-1 (shipboard)
  • Shock: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901 (shipboard)
  • EMI: MIL-STD-461 – Conducted and Radiated
  • Temperature: MIL-STD-810

Integrated Systems

Our integrated systems address a full range of operational requirements for military C5ISR, including radar, SIGINT (signals intelligence), EW (electronic warfare) and mission computing. The rugged conduction-cooled units are provided with best-in-class partner payload sets, and allow you to begin integrating your mission-specific hardware and software right out of the box.

800 Series CMOSS MOSA System 800 Series CMOSS MOSA System
SOSA-aligned 3U HPEC modular open sensor system for radar & ISR
600 Series VPX HPEC System
3U OpenVPX system for high-performance onboard computing
200 Series HPEC System
VPX & SOSA-aligned system for high-performance tactical edge computing

More information: Integrated Systems

SOSA-Aligned and VPX ATR Chassis

Our rugged ATR (Air Transport Rack) VPX chassis are designed to accommodate SOSA-aligned plug-in cards, with options for 2 through to 14 slots and air, conduction or liquid cooling. Supporting a wide range of mission-critical applications such as airborne ISR and edge computing, these rugged chassis are designed for harsh conditions on land, at sea and in the air.

Dual-slot VPX chassis AoC3U-210
Dual-slot VPX chassis for airborne & ground radar & ISR sensors
Four-slot 3U VPX chassis AoC3U-412
Four-slot 3U VPX chassis with removable drive bays & combined air/conduction cooling
Six-slot mil-spec ATR chassis AoC3U-610
Six-slot mil-spec ATR chassis with enhanced thermal management
Eight-slot air over conduction cooled chassis for VPX & SOSA-aligned cards AoC3U-821
Eight-slot air over conduction cooled chassis for VPX & SOSA-aligned cards
14-slot forced air & conduction-cooled enclosure AoC3U-1440
14-slot forced air & conduction-cooled enclosure with mission-configurable backplane
SAVE-Compliant Tray Assembly SAVE-Compliant Tray Assembly
Shock & vibration protection for army land vehicle electronic systems

Bridging the Cooling Gap in High-Speed Embedded Systems
This article discusses new chassis-level cooling techniques for VPX chassis using air or liquid assist… Read article >

SAVE-Compliant VPX Chassis

SAVE-Compliant VPX ChassisThe SAVE-820 chassis is designed to provide military ground vehicles with integrated C5ISR computing capabilities, and is compliant with US Army SAVE standards. The rugged chassis supports 3U VPX and SOSA-aligned plug in cards, allowing up to 8 payload slots and 2 x VITA 62 power supply slots, and can be customized to meet specific I/O and backplane configuration requirements.

More information: SAVE-Compliant VPX Chassis

Rugged Test Systems

Our rugged test chassis enable you to progress SOSA-aligned and VPX military aircraft and vehicle payload system development and integration from early benchtop testing through to vehicle-mounted and functional demonstrations. Providing a high level of configurability, the versatile chassis enable real-world testing under application-level conditions while providing a mechanical design path leading to the deployable system.

Rugged 2-Slot VPX & SOSA-aligned test chassis 2-Slot VPX Test System
Rugged VPX & SOSA-aligned test chassis for functional demonstration
5-Slot VPX & SOSA-aligned test chassis 5-Slot VPX Test System
Versatile VPX & SOSA-aligned chassis for real-world testing

More information: Rugged Test Chassis

Development Platforms for SOSA-Aligned & VPX Systems

Our development chassis for VPX and SOSA-aligned payloads allow you to fast-track and streamline your design cycles, featuring easy configuration and testing and providing a wide variety of I/O capabilities. The versatile 3U and 6U test and development beds support air- and conduction-cooled modules and a range of different power requirements.

8-slot 3U VPX benchtop development platform DK3
8-slot 3U VPX benchtop development platform
SAVE-compliant Development chassis DK3-SAVE
Development chassis for SAVE-compliant army land vehicle systems
12-slot 19" development chassis for VPX and SOSA-aligned modules DK3-1200
12-slot 19″ development chassis for VPX and SOSA-aligned modules
Development platform for high-speed modules DK3HS
Development platform for high-speed modules with 100Gb data rates

19” Rackmount Chassis

Our rackmount and desktop 19″ chassis provide a versatile development environment for VPX and SOSA-aligned payloads serving a variety of defense and aerospace applications. Providing a variety of I/O and power supply capabilities, these highly configurable chassis meet the requirements of the modern warfighter, and have been used to ensure success for a number of military programs.

12-slot 19" development chassis for VPX and SOSA-aligned modules DK3-1200
12-slot 19″ development chassis for VPX and SOSA-aligned modules
RMC3-160 3U VPX RackMount Chassis 3U VPX Rackmount Chassis
16-slot rackmount chassis for 3U VPX & SOSA-aligned payloads

More information: 19” Rackmount Chassis

Rugged Computing Accessories

We provide a range of accessories that equip our rugged embedded computing and electronics systems with additional capabilities.

Dual-Port Media Converter Dual-Port Media Converter
Conversion between embedded backplane and I/O signals

Systems Integration for Defense & Aerospace

We provide out of the box, custom and configurable rugged chassis solutions along with a full suite of payload integration services for the selected plug in cards. Systems are ready for your software and hardware IP enabling out-of-the-box installation and testing on your aircraft or vehicle. We can provide chassis with custom backplanes, power supplies and I/O, and can also perform bespoke testing procedures to ensure that your system is ready for the real world.

Our partner ecosystem includes long-standing relationships with the leading suppliers in the embedded computing industry, and we can assist you with board selection and other application-specific design aspects to ensure that your mission-critical platforms perform at peak capacity.

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