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Condor GR5-A2000 OpenVPX 3U Graphics & GPGPU Card
Condor GR5-A2000

OpenVPX 3U Graphics & GPGPU Card

The Condor GR5-A2000 is a rugged OpenVPX 3U form factor card based on NVIDIA Ampere architecture and the NVIDIA RTX™ platform. This highly integrated “chip-down” graphics and GPGPU card meets strict data integrity requirements for mission-critical applications with uncompromised computing accuracy and reliability. Visit Website Contact
Condor GR5-A2000 Powered by NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the Condor GR5-A2000 delivers real-time GPGPU processing and GPU-based computing with 2560 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores, 20 RT cores (2nd generation), and 80 Tensor cores (3rd generation). This single-slot solution provides embedded systems with 2x the throughput for matrix operations than previous generations for intensive workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), multi-sensor processing, neural network training, and in simulation environments. In addition, the Condor GR5-A2000 supports PCI Express Gen 4 (4x or 8x lane), which provides double the bandwidth than previous models, resulting in increased data-transfer speeds for applications such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), 3D rendering, Electronic Warfare (EW), and within unmanned systems. The Condor GR5-A2000 delivers real-time performance for encoding applications with dedicated H.265/H.264 encode and decode engines. It is available in both SOSA and VITA standards and has multiple I/O configurations.