VMF Support Added to Curtiss-Wright TCG BOSS Tactical Data Link Network Simulator

VMF message format operates over a wide range of radio frequency channels to support tactical communications using deployed Combat Net Radio (CNR) networks By DA Staff / 23 Oct 2020
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Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division has enhanced its TCG BOSS (Battlefield Operations Support System) TDL testing, simulation, and platform integration solution with support for Variable Message Format (VMF) messages.

TCG BOSS can now be configured to test the VMF message format, as defined in MIL-STD-6017, which operates over a wide range of radio frequency channels to support tactical communications using deployed Combat Net Radio (CNR) networks.

Government and military test agency engineers can now use TCG BOSS to verify VMF implementations and ensure that all VMF elements and assets are communicating with each other correctly during every phase of operation. VMF, which can be used standalone or in conjunction with Link 16 and other TDLs, is commonly used with cost-effective radios that support voice communications in air-to-air and air-to-ground applications, on platforms such as the F-35 combat aircraft.

“We are very excited to add VMF support to our tactical data link product line,” said Lynn Bamford, President, Defense and Power. “Now TCG BOSS, long recognized as the ‘gold standard’ for simulating and exercising Link 16 and other TDL implementations, is able to support test agencies worldwide seeking to verify the large number of VMF Combat Net Radio implementations.”

TCG BOSS enables military end users and prime contractors to verify that the TDL implementations being delivered on aircraft and other military platforms conform to Link 16, Link 11, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, VMF, DIS, and related TDL standards and interface definitions.

TCG BOSS is a powerful TDL network simulator and exerciser capable of creating a complete and highly realistic test environment including virtual command and control (C2) assets, network enabled weapons, targets, threats, and simulated network participants.

Over 400 TCG BOSS systems are deployed and in operation worldwide. Certification and testing agencies, such as Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), Air Force System Interoperability Test (AFSIT), Navy (China Lake, SAIL, NELO), use TCG BOSS as the standard. Prime contractors such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin use TCG BOSS for platform integration testing.

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