USMC Selects New Weapon Night Sight

Elbit's solution will allow Marines to operate at extended ranges both during the day and at night By Mike Ball / 17 Sep 2020
USMC weapon night sight
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The United States Marine Corps (USMC) has selected a multispectral clip-on weapon night sight solution developed by Kollsman, Inc., a subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America. The new solution, selected as part of Phase II of the Integrated Clip-on Advanced Targeting Sight (ICATS) program, will allow Marines to undertake operations both during the day and at night at extreme stand-off distances. Kollsman will design, build and test two prototypes for the ICATS program.

Elbit Systems of America’s night sight solution has been optimized to allow USMC scout snipers and reconnaissance Marines to acquire targets and engage at extended ranges. The solution clips onto a personal weapon and provides critical information to the user, even in low-light or inclement weather. The ICATS is configured to provide simultaneous imaging across extended ranges, without adding considerable weight.

The company has previously provided other successful precision targeting capabilities to the U.S. military, such as the Next Generation Hand-Held Targeting System for the USMC and the Multi-Domain User Sensor Architecture (MDUSA) targeting system for the U.S. Army. Work on ICATS will be designed and produced in Elbit Systems of America’s Merrimack, New Hampshire facility, which specializes in sophisticated electro-optics solutions.

Ridge Sower, Vice President of Ground Combat and Precision Targeting at Elbit Systems of America, commented: “This selection by the U.S. Marine Corps shows the strong partnership we have with the Marines, as well as our expertise creating technology that benefits warfighters in the field. With our ICATS solution, Marines can successfully complete their missions – no matter the conditions – while remaining as safe as possible.”

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