Rugged, High Gain, Omnidirectional Antennas Perfect for Multi-channel Trunked Radio Communication Systems

Heilind Electronics introduces Amphenol Procom 4200 series colinear antennas, featuring a center-fed dipole design and feed network to achieve a stable radiation pattern across a wide bandwidth By DA Editor / 28 Dec 2020

Heilind Electronics has partnered with Amphenol Procom to bring its customers a broad selection of rugged, high gain, omnidirectional antennas.

Part of Heilind’s growing Amphenol Procom portfolio, the 4200 series antennas features a center-fed dipole design and feed network to achieve a stable radiation pattern across a wide bandwidth. While fixed tilt options are available, this construction allows tilted beam designs to be effectively employed without large pattern distortions.

Customers can choose from models for UHF and LTE (cellular) bands, with null-fill models available for LTE antennas. The antennas are also IP56-rated and equipped with a wind survival rating of 186 mph as well as lightning protection. They have been tested and measured to withstand temperatures as low as minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

High quality materials and manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure that the antenna has excellent intermodulation handling, high gain and superior electrical performance: They are PIM-specified at -153 dBc, PIP-rated at 25 kW and power-rated up to 600 W.

These characteristics make the 4200 series antennas the perfect fit for multichannel trunked radio communication systems, as well as other computer, datacom, and telecommunications applications. The antennas are also well-suited for applications in non-vehicular industrial and manufacturing equipment, power generation, fuel and energy, military and aerospace, and aviation.

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