Revolutionary Mirror Display System Provides 300-Degree Field of View for Side-by-Side Crew Training

The modular, motion compatible and high accurate solid mirror display from Collins Aerospace Systems, provides crew with the most realistic training experience available By Joseph Macey / 01 Dec 2020
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Collins Aerospace Systems has launched Panorama™ HiLite, a new solid mirror display system that brings world-class accuracy, lightweight design and an extended 300-degree Field of View (FOV) for side-by-side crew training.

Modular and motion capable, Panorama HiLite offers operators the flexibility to select the right configuration for their particular training needs that leads to reduced setup time and minimal maintenance.

Nick Gibbs, vice president and general manager, Simulation Solutions and Services for Collins Aerospace, explained: “The mirror display technology in Panorama HiLite is a revolutionary step forward in clarity and enables a wider field of view, giving crew the most realistic and immersive training experience available,”.

Panorama HiLite builds on the existing Collins Aerospace Panorama™  system, extending FOV from 225 degrees to 300 degrees horizontal. The design is retrofittable to all 11-foot Panorama systems that have been fielded over the past twenty years.

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