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NovAtel Updates GNSS Post-Processing Software

Version 9.00 includes BeiDou Phase lll support and an updated and streamlined GUI that allows more efficient data importing, processing and exporting By Mike Ball / 19 Sep 2023
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Hexagon | NovAtel has released a new version of the company’s Waypoint post-processing software suite, which includes Inertial Explorer, Inertial Explorer Xpress and GrafNav/GrafNav Static. Building on decades of GNSS positioning and algorithm development expertise, Waypoint 9.00 includes BeiDou Phase III support and an updated and streamlined GUI that allows users to import, process and export their data faster and more efficiently.

Waypoint software is utilized by a variety of professional mapmakers around the world, and this latest update makes it easier than ever for users of all experience levels to output a reliable source of truth with centimetre-level accuracy. The software includes built-in environment and application profiles and support for NovAtel products and a range of third-party GNSS receivers.

These latest enhancements are now available for all Waypoint users with an active subscription within the support period.

The 9.00 version includes the following:

  • A refreshed GUI that is more intuitive and easier to navigate
  • BeiDou Phase III support that enables a more robust and resilient positioning in post-mission trajectory
  • Key security improvements that further enhance software robustness
  • Zero-velocity update (ZUPT) detection and heading stability improvements
  • More comprehensive export options for more flexibility in output trajectory in CLI and SDK, including generic data formats

A complete listing of all changes is available in the “What’s New” document included with the software download.

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