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NovAtel Anti-Jam Antenna Selected for Canadian Army Vehicles

NovAtel’s GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) provides protection for GPS navigation and precise timing receivers from intentional jamming and unintentional interference By DA Staff / 09 Apr 2018
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GAJT-710ML Anti-Jam Solution

Hexagon | NovAtel‘s GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) has been selected by Public Services and Procurement Canada to equip the Canadian Army’s Artillery Observation Post Vehicles (OPV) in order to protect the Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) capability against GPS jamming.

The OPVs are critical in the battle space where they require reliable PNT to safely and effectively operate on the battlefield. The likelihood that an OPV will come under attack, including by GPS-jamming, from opposing forces is heightened due to their front-line positions. Without anti-jam capabilities receivers are more susceptible to dangerous electronic attacks.

GAJT provides protection for GPS navigation and precise timing receivers from intentional jamming and unintentional interference, ensuring that the satellite signals necessary to compute position and time are always available.

“With the move to digital fire control systems and the requirement for precise location information for precision-guided munitions, the artillery wants to ensure they have that assured position information,” said Major Mike Moulton, the project manager in the Directorate of Land Communication Systems Program Management. “GAJT allows us to have confidence that the position information from the GPS constellation is assured, that it is not affected by jamming or spoofing.”

NovAtel’s GAJT is a retrofittable system that has proven its quality and reliability in many trials and operations. It’s a Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) product and comes in versions suitable for land or sea fixed applications and smaller applications such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The networks and timing infrastructure of warships, military vehicles and platforms can all benefit from the protection that GAJT provides. GAJT also works with civil and military receivers including SAASM and M-Code.

“GAJT is a Canadian success story. It is 100 percent produced in Canada and sourced from Canadian components. I think that the Directorate of Land Communication Systems Program Management have shown there is excellent technology in Canada that can be leveraged to meet the Army’s requirements in a very rapid manner,” said Moulton. 

“The selection of GAJT by the Canadian Army is greatly appreciated and the careful procurement processes of Public Services and Procurement Canada shows that this Canadian-built product meets stringent requirements,” said Peter Soar, business development manager, military and defense for NovAtel. “GAJT is in use operationally and has been shipped to 16 allied nations around the globe. We are grateful for the rigorous technology selection process conducted which has led to this choice.”

“NovAtel was proactive and ready to meet DND requirements immediately at contract award,” said Moulton. “It was comforting to know that an agile and lean manufacturer with experience gained from Defense Research and Development was able to quickly meet Army Requirements and deliver products ahead of schedule and according to specifications.”

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