Next-generation TASER Device Approved for UK Police Forces

UK's Home Secretary Priti Patel grants approval to use Axon's TASER 7 for increasing officer efficiency and community safety By DA Staff / 28 Aug 2020
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Axon‘s latest TASER Conducted Energy Device (CED) has been approved for deployment across police forces in the United Kingdom (UK). The TASER 7 is Axon’s most effective less-lethal weapon to date and was built to equip officers with the power to de-escalate dangerous situations. Following the approval to deploy the TASER 7 by the UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel, police forces can begin training on the TASER 7 before the end of the year.

The TASER 7 is Axon’s first truly connected CED with services that are completely integrated into Axon Evidence (Axon’s digital evidence management solution). These capabilities include wireless device management, self-reporting and general visibility into the health of the device or a full fleet of CEDs. The TASER 7 also provides enhanced reliability by offering optimized close-quarter and stand-off cartridges.

“We’re excited to watch the adoption of this innovative device across the UK,” says Axon UK Country Manager, Mike Ashby-Clarke. “We built this tool with community and officer safety in mind. With high-tech features such as automated usage logs and device management, officers will be able to spend less time physically managing their CED and can instead focus on what matters – protecting the public.”

The TASER 7 features dramatically improved effectiveness, including adaptive cross connect and improved spiral probe design, and is fully integrated with Axon Evidence. Other features will allow officers to:

  • De-escalate with confidence: Officers will have the confidence to de-escalate dangerous situations with the most effective CED ever. New Rapid Arc technology outperforms previous CEDs with a refined pulse output designed to be safe and more effective. In addition, spiral darts fly straighter and faster towards a daylight green laser with nearly double the kinetic energy to compress loose and hanging clothing.
  • Connect to save time: Rechargeable batteries and inventory management automation will tap the power of the Axon network and improve workflows – including the same “dock and walk” process currently used for Axon Body cameras – so officers can spend more time policing.
  • Focus on communities: As part of the TASER 7 program, Axon developed Virtual Reality Empathy Training to help strengthen a police officer’s power to de-escalate. While not yet rolled out in the UK, Axon is actively engaging with UK police services on how best to implement this training in the future. This VR training complements the existing national College of Policing curriculum for which Axon helps drive content and courses.

The TASER 7 is now available for purchase in four countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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