Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

Forsberg Provides PNT Solutions for the Defense & Aerospace Industries 

Defense Advancement showcases the company’s portfolio of rugged high-accuracy GNSS products that provide precise positioning and time measurements for a range of military platforms and applications By DA Staff / 12 Apr 2022
Military Vehicle RIDGE
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Forsberg, a leading provider of Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions for defense and aerospace customers, has partnered with Defense Advancement to showcase its expertise in this field.

The company’s ‘Gold’ profile displays its innovative portfolio of rugged high-accuracy GNSS products that provide precise positioning and time measurements for a range of platforms and applications, including land vehicles, naval vessels, aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Forsberg also provides a range of engineering services, with an expert team that can create innovative bespoke solutions for unique military GNSS and navigation requirements. The company are certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards as well as IPC electronics manufacturing standards.


The company’s GAJT-410ML is designed to provide anti-jamming protection for Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)-constrained military land vehicles, featuring an integrated combined antenna array and null-forming electronics.

Based on advanced Hexagon | NovAtel anti-jam technology, the GAJT-410ML is easily integrated into new vehicle designs and legacy platforms, using the existing RF cable to supply data and power directly to the unit. Learn more>


The GAJT-410MS is designed to provide anti-jamming and spoofing protection for maritime and naval vessels, eliminating threats to navigation and cybersecurity.

With a unique adaptive digital null-forming algorithm, the system identifies interference and jamming signals, maintaining PNT as well as locating the source of hostile signals for enhanced situational awareness. Learn more>

GAJT-AE-N Anti-Jam Solution

The GAJT-AE-N is a next-generation anti-jam solution designed for SWaP-constrained military platforms such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) and UAVs. 

The rugged battle-proven system is ideal for systems where the antenna needs to be mounted inside the vehicle, and is available with a variety of 4-element CRPA and cable length options. Learn more>

MANTIS Command-and-Control Software

Forsberg also offers its MANTIS (Mapping Navigation and Targeting Integrated Software) family of Command-and-Control software applications supporting battlespace decision makers at all levels.

MANTIS combines real time sensor data into a common operating picture, utilizing common internationally recognized standards. The result is a reduction in the time between sensing points of interest and effecting them. Operators use a chest mounted tablet and an integrated sensor capable of capturing georeferenced imagery and STANAG 4609 compliant video feed, sharing data via a secure radio network or Wi-Fi connection. Learn more>


NORA is an easily deployable and secure system that enables increased situational awareness during time-critical field operations. Real-time tracking of all resources, objects of interest and instant information exchange gives users the tools for planning and executing all types of operations.

Developed with interoperability in mind, the system has several integrated features, including gunshot detection, live and recorded video-streaming, CCTV and UAV downlink. The gunshot detection feature, which requires a minimum of 4 Android handsets, enables you to follow an active shooter in the map and identify the high-risk zones. Learn more> 


The company’s RIDGE (Rugged Integrated Dynamic GNSS Enclosure) is a compact enclosure housing a high-quality GNSS receiver and MIL-STD qualified for resistance against shock, vibration, and other harsh environment conditions.

The multi-frequency and multi-constellation system provides advanced interference, jamming and spoofing protection, and delivers position accuracy of 1.5 metres without correction or down to 1cm with RTK.

To learn more about Forsebrg and its PNT solutions for the defense and aerospace industries, please visit the company profile: https://www.defenseadvancement.com/company/forsberg/

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