Bespoke Air Refuelling Probe Solution to be Developed for Korean FA-50 Advanced Jet Aircraft

Cobham Mission Systems will design and develop a bespoke telescopic probe that will enable air refuelling from hose and drogue tankers, enhancing aircraft interoperability By Joseph Macey / 10 Dec 2020
FA-50 advanced jet aircraft_KAI
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Cobham Mission Systems has been awarded a prime contract from Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI) to deliver an air refuelling probe solution for its FA-50 advanced jet aircraft. Under this contract, Cobham Mission Systems will design, develop and qualify a telescopic probe solution, which the company anticipates will lead to future serial production requirements for KAI’s customer base.

Equipping the FA-50 with an air refuelling probe will enable air refuelling from hose and drogue tankers, enhancing the aircrafts operational flexibility and interoperability.

Russell Bailey, vice president air-to-air refuelling for Cobham Mission Systems in the UK, said: “Recognised for providing leading edge and optimised solutions to meet the air refuelling capability requirements of Air Forces around the world, Cobham Mission Systems is uniquely placed to deliver this project. Our dedicated team looks forward to collaborating closely with KAI to create a bespoke probe design for the FA-50 that will deliver an enhanced operational capability to end users.”

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