3U VPX Ethernet Switch Aligns to SOSA™ Technical Standard

By keeping power low and functionality high, the SWE440S 3U VPX Switch provides greater interoperability and integration with SBCs, FPGAs, and Ethernet switches By Joseph Macey / 28 Dec 2020
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Abaco Systems, Inc. has launched the SWE440S 3U VPX Switch, an upgrade which builds on the strong capability and high performance of the SWE440A, with one of the most capable and flexible 3U VPX switches on the market. This fully managed 3U VPX Ethernet switch is designed to align with the SOSA™ Technical Standard. By keeping power low and functionality high, the SWE440S provides greater interoperability and integration with SBCs, FPGAs, and Ethernet switches while providing cost reduction for our customers.

Customer feedback and use cases, combined with the need for alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standards, drove engineers’ innovation process and shaped the SWE440S 3U VPX Switch into a product that delivers exactly what customers need. For applications that require 3U technology and alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard, the SWE440S, VP431, and SBC3511 provide a complete portfolio of products where interoperability has been designed in – reducing risk for customers.

With SoC switch fabric at the core of the design, this is a market leading product for port flexibility with options for the type of management interface (LVCMOS or RS232), as well as offering two 10G capable SFP+ cages to the front panel for optical connectivity.

The SWE440S 3U VPX Switch comes with the latest version of OpenWare 6.4.0 and can be configured quickly and easily. It also includes the port wizard capabilities seen on the SWE440A, so that the SWE440S can be reconfigured using OpenWare for quantities of 1G, 10G or 40G ports. This innovative solution makes the SWE440S ideal as a future-proof solution. For instance, if a customer is running at 10G presently, but wants to make the jump to 40G in the future – the SWE440S is up for the challenge. This will be useful for customers looking for a managed Ethernet switch for use with radar, surveillance, situational awareness, imaging, AI and autonomy, rugged industrial and transportation, and other high-performance embedded computing applications.

Pete Thompson, VP of product management for Abaco Systems, Inc. said, “As the SOSA™ Technical Standard drives the industry towards alignment, we are forging ahead with innovative solutions to stand by our customers as they transition – giving them the most comprehensive portfolio of 3U VPX products that are aligned to the SOSA Technical Standard.”

In addition, for customers who are not seeking alignment to the SOSA™ Technical Standard, a full-feature variant of the SWE440S with more I/O is available to provide a robust insertion/upgrade solution for users of the SWE440A.

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