The Benefits of Cyber Takedown for C-UAS

C-UAS cyber takedown technology is discussed in a whitepaper by D-Fend Solutions Feature Article by D-Fend Solutions
The Benefits of Cyber Takedown for C-UAS
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D-Fend Solutions has released a whitepaper discussing C-UAS cyber takedown technology and asks the question, does it really work and what are the limitations?

Able to be used in urban and built-up environments, cyber takedown technology can be configured for both mobile and static applications and can be continually updated to take account of new drone threats.

D-Fend Solutions a leading developer of C-UAS (counter unmanned aerial systems) technology examines the potential of cyber-takeover methods, which include continuity of service, proportionality of response, flexibility in defining the defensive envelope, and the precise analysis of incidents, which can be used for forensic reporting.

Download the whitepaper in full from the D-Fend Solutions website >>

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