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FT Wind Sensors for METSMAN High Accuracy Meteorological System

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FT Technologies explains how it provided an FT702LM sensor to Thales for integration into the company’s own equipment to measure wind speed reliably under severe climatic and environmental conditions.

METSMAN fitted to a Type 10 tank

METSMAN fitted to a Type 10 tank


Thales Land & Joint Division wanted to design meteorological sensors and systems to meet the requirements of real time ground-level meteorological information for NBC Hazard Prediction Systems.

The provision of accurate meteorological information is an essential element in the process of determining the plume direction, width and the threat from chemical and biological agents. The ability to implement vital protective measures can only be achieved when accurate and immediate meteorological information is provided to the hazard prediction and reporting software.

Thales approached FT and asked us to if we could provide a sensor that would measure wind speed reliably even under the most severe climatic and environmental conditions. They also wanted a sensor that they could integrate into their own equipment.


The FT702LM was found to be the ideal solution. The METSMAN now meets the stringent requirements of military operations giving Mean Time Between Failures of up to 29,000 hours depending on the selected configuration. Other than cursory visual checks of the sensor by the user there are no maintenance tasks at ‘first line’ during normal operation.

Thanks to the FT702LM the METSMAN is able to measure wind speed and direction whilst on the move, has no moving parts, an extremely low thermal signature and is ideal for all applications requiring meteorological information.

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