Case Study: Customized Ground Control Station for Mission Master A-UGV

by UXV Technologies Feature Article
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UXV Technologies explores its partnership with Rheinmetall Canada, which resulted in the customization of a ground control station for the Mission Master, an autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (A-UGV) developed by Rheinmetall. 

Partnership for Mission Master Ground Control Station

The partnership showcases the potential of customized ground control stations for unmanned operations, emphasizing unparalleled safety features, operational excellence, and continuous improvement driven by customer feedback.

The Journey Begins

In 2019, the partnership between UXV Technologies and Rheinmetall took shape when a talented system engineer at Rheinmetall Canada sought a robust pelican case-enclosed command and control center. Through her research, she discovered the ground-breaking capabilities of UXV Technologies, whose products proved to be fully equipped to meet the requirements of a highly successful operation. Months later, Rheinmetall’s executives were captivated by a magazine advertisement showcasing UXV’s tablet controllers, igniting a deep interest in a portable controller solution that prioritized safety integration.

Customization Process

Rheinmetall Canada and UXV Technologies embarked on a comprehensive customization process, tailoring UXV Technologies’ Aeronav tablet to their specific requirements. This involved integrating various interfaces, including buttons, joysticks, and other crucial elements essential for the application. Additionally, Rheinmetall emphasized safety significantly, leading to a collaborative effort with UXV Technologies and a Canadian company to integrate an exceptional safety board solution. The outcome was a product delivered to valued customers, offering unparalleled safety features and functionality.

The customization journey extended to the Micronav controller, with Rheinmetall planning to acquire the off-the-shelf version from UXV Technologies, which has already garnered widespread acclaim from numerous customers.

Unique Safety Solutions

One of the standout advantages of the fully customized controller lies in its unique safety solution. This exceptional feature has played a pivotal role in obtaining safety authorizations for demonstrations conducted worldwide, demonstrating the reliability and compliance of the systems.

“Our collaboration with Rheinmetall to supply a cutting-edge and customized ground control station has been truly excellent. Together, we have consistently pushed beyond traditional boundaries to propose innovative solutions for superior operational efficiency and unique safety features, setting a new direction that will influence the future of unmanned applications,” said Steven Friberg, CEO of UXV Technologies.

Operational Excellence

Rheinmetall Canada has received highly positive feedback from esteemed customers regarding the operational aspects of the controllers. The Micronav, in particular, has received acclaim due to its compact form factor, allowing it to conveniently fit within pockets, offering unmatched portability and convenience. Rheinmetall remains committed to continuous improvement based on valuable customer feedback. Suggestions include enhancing display brightness for optimal visibility under sunlight, improving button placement for enhanced ergonomics, and exploring the possibility of integrating radios into their controllers to streamline communication and functionality.

UXV Rheinmetall Mission Master ground control station

“The UXV Technologies ground control station has completely transformed the way we manage our unmanned ground vehicles. With its integrated safety board and seamless customization capabilities, the tablet has enabled us to develop unique technological solutions that are both effective and accessible for the end user,” added Alain Tremblay, Vice-President of Business Development, Innovation & Robotics at Rheinmetall Canada.

At UXV Technologies, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and meeting the evolving needs of our customers remains steadfast. We take great pride in our collaborations, customization efforts, and the positive impact our controllers have in empowering unmanned applications across various industries.


The partnership between UXV Technologies and Rheinmetall showcases the immense potential of customized ground control stations for unmanned operations. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of revolutionary ground control stations that prioritize safety, deliver exceptional operational performance, and continuously evolve based on customer input. By combining their expertise, both companies have emerged as leaders in the field, committed to pushing the boundaries of unmanned technology and shaping the future of unmanned applications through innovative solutions.

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