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Development of Long-Range RF Systems for Tactical Helicopter

Long-distance RF link and data throughput has been achieved with Triad High Power Radios (THPR) amplified MIMO tactical radio systems By Joseph Macey / 03 Aug 2023
Long-distance RF Link and data throughput with Triad THPR amplified MIMO tactical radio systems
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Triad has supported a global aerospace company in the development of long-range RF systems for their advanced tactical helicopter platform, designed for operational flexibility across a variety of commercial, federal, and defense applications.

During flight testing, the customer achieved a robust 75km (46 miles) RF link distance with a consistent data throughput of 3-5 Mbps.

The test was conducted from a single ground station configured with low-gain omnidirectional antennas and without additional network coverage from nodes in other vehicles or along the test range. Even without deploying a directional panel or dish antennas to optimize the RF link with the helicopter over long distances, the amplified transmit and receive power available on the Triad High Power Radio (THPR) made a solid long-distance link possible even under less-than-ideal conditions.

The customer chose Triad High Power Radios, which deliver long-range RF communication performance in an easy-to-integrate package. Each THPR contains a MIMO radio compatible with the customer’s preferred network ecosystem, combined with amplifier technology, customized radio front end, and heat management options. All of this technology is built into one compact package that Triad believes delivers unparalleled MIMO RF performance over distance.

The addition of long-range MIMO communication system integrated into this adaptable, multi-role support helicopter will enable additional flexibility in the types of missions undertaken in support of larger operations and help extend the service life of the aircraft.

Bringing long-distance, high throughput MIMO communication to airborne support assets is critical to prepare for future operational needs. THPR MIMO radios can support ISR operations, HD video transmission, sensor data, and other types of networking that legacy radio systems and waveforms are not always suited for.

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