ATAK-Compatible Smart Weapon Tracking Technology for Enhanced Situational Awareness

Demonstration of SIOS-C and SmarTak inForce ATAK Plugin

By VK Integrated Systems / 06 Jul 2023
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A technology collaboration at Tough Stump 2023 saw the VK Integrated Systems  SmarTak inForce ATAK Plugin paired with the SIOS-C electronic butt stock, operating on a Silvus Technologies MIMO radio network, and featuring the Dismounted Operator’s Combat Kit (DOCK) developed by Kagwerks.

The SmarTak SIOS and inForce plugin is an ATAK-compatible smart sensor system for modern rifles. The technology provides real-time information about shots fired by team members (location, direction of engagement, weapon type, ammo type and more), for enhanced situational awareness and increased safety.

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