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ATAK-Compatible Smart Weapon Tracking Technology for Enhanced Situational Awareness

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ATAK-Compatible Smart Weapon Tracking Technology for Enhanced Situational Awareness
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VK Integrated Systems (VKIS) is a leading developer of ATAK compatible smart weapons tracking technology and devices that enhance situational awareness for army/military/defense and law enforcement users.

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with TAK servers via our inForce ATAK plugin, providing critical real-time information on the location, orientation and use of weapon assets to first responders and military personnel.

SIOS Buttstock Weapons Sensor – ATAK Compatible Device

Intelligent gun/rifle location and motion tracking for enhanced situational awareness

weapons Orientation Sensor

The SIOS (SmarTak Integrated Overmatch Stock)-C11B is a smart weapon sensor system that captures, analyses and transmits weapon motion, user location and status. Easily installed and ergonomically built, the MIL-SPEC unit is designed to fit rifles with an AR-15 type MIL-SPEC receiver extension tube.

Weapons Tracking sensor

The system’s advanced embedded electronics include a GPS-aided INS (inertial navigation system) with 9-degree-of-freedom IMU, and a wireless datalink. Gun motion, orientation/direction, ammo type, location data and more are transmitted in real time to any Android ATAK compatible device, providing a real time communications network that allows commanders, the team and individual users to gain intelligence quickly about the current situation.

More information: SIOS Buttstock Weapons Sensor

ATAK Compatible – SmarTak inForce ATAK Plugin

ATAK Plugin

SIOS orientation sensors are fully compatible with the U.S. Government ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit / Android Tactical Assault Kit) ecosystem via the VKIS SmarTak inForce ATAK plugin. The intuitive ATAK app allows users to send Position and Location Information (PLI+) to the TAK network via an ATAK data packet, where it can be disseminated instantly to all members of the team.

Android Team Awareness Kit

When a shot is detected by the SIOS system, the ATAK plugin generates a Cursor on Target (CoT) message that is transmitted in real-time to the ATAK ecosystem, providing team members with critical intelligence about the shots taken and direction in which they were fired.

The ATAK plugin features a weapon configuration tool, which allows multiple weapon and ammo types to be set.

More information: inForce ATAK Plugin


situational awareness tools

Situational Awareness & Android TAK: Asset Location, Orientation and Status

The SIOS-C11B ATAK-compatible weapon sensor transmits real-time location of every member of a squad as well as the status and orientation of each weapon. When a shot is fired, the entire team can be instantly notified of the location and direction of the shot, providing enhanced intelligence and situational awareness and allowing informed decisions to be made.

weapons Training Sensor

Weapons Tracking & Tactical Training Sensor

Our buttstock sensor systems provide critical weapon motion and orientation data that can be used for instant feedback, making it ideal for training personnel. The SmarTak ecosystem can be easily integrated with VR (virtual reality) simulation systems, providing a sophisticated instructional capability that allows trainees to rapidly improve their skills in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Team Awareness Kit

Asset Tracking & Management

SIOS sensors are ideal for inventory management and tracking, allowing you to know where each weapon is located at any time and which user it is assigned to. Buttstock orientation sensors can be configured for specific firearm and ammunition types.

Training Solutions

We offer bespoke training courses in our products to military and law enforcement clients, and can tailor materials to your exact requirements. Delivered by experienced subject matter experts, our courses blend classroom learning with practical exercises, and utilize pre- and post-course testing to benchmark the lessons learned.

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