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Tactical IT Hardware for Estonian Armored Vehicle Initiative

An Estonian defense project focused on innovating armored vehicles will receive rugged IT-solutions and tactical hardware from MilDef, as part of a new collaboration By William Mackenzie / 30 Apr 2024
Tactical IT Hardware for Estonian Armored Vehicle Initiative
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MilDef, a global systems provider specializing in rugged IT for military applications, has agreed to integrate its tactical IT hardware into an Estonian defense project for armored vehicles

Over 400 units of MilDef’s bespoke servers, switches, routers and media converters are involved in the agreement. The provided IT-solutions are suited to the harshest conditions and most challenging environments, and prevent information from being interrupted, intercepted or disrupted.

The collaboration involves a local Estonian partner and the biggest order to date for MilDef on the Estonian market, which the company assert is strategically important. The IT-solutions will begin to be delivered in 2024.

Daniel Ljunggren, CEO and President MilDef Group, commented; “Apart from being the single largest order so far landed on the Estonian market it is also a contract that materialized faster than we anticipated. 

“Sense of urgency meant that the vehicle producer brought forward their deliveries to the end customer and consequently MilDef’s delivery will be advanced.” 

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