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Large Drone Flight Test Stand Motor Testing by Tyto Robotics

Designed to test brushless motors and propellers for use on very large drones such as heavy-lift eVTOL systems, Tyto Robotics demonstrates the Flight Stand 500 By Sarah Simpson / 27 Jun 2024
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A video showcasing the use of the Flight Stand 500 thrust stand by Tyto Robotics has been released by the company.

The test stand, which is the largest and most powerful entry in the Flight Stand series, enables developers of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to characterize the dynamic response of motors and propellers in order to ensure that their designs are fully optimized for efficient flight.

The unit under test was the REB 30 BLDC (brushless DC) motor developed by Rotex Electric, combined with an 80 x 28-inch propeller from leading provider Mejzlik Propellers.

The video shows this setup undergoing a step test, in which increasingly large throttle values are applied and the motor is allowed to settle before each subsequent step in the test program.

Tyto Robotics’ Flight Stand 500 is designed to test brushless motors and propellers for very large drones, including heavy-lift eVTOL and UAM (urban air mobility) platforms that could be used in evacuation operations.

With a load cell calibrated to ASTM E74/E2428 standards, it is capable of precisely measuring up to 500 kgf of thrust and 1500 Nm of torque, and can sample data at rates of up to 1000 Hz.

The versatile unit is controlled by advanced data acquisition software, providing developers with an intuitive interface for manual or automatic control of the stand and logging of data. Powerful Python-based scripting allows users to design and run a wide variety of automated tests.

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