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Nano Connections for Laser & Antenna Phased Array Beamforming

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Omnetics Nano Connections for Laser & Antenna Phased Array Beamforming articleOmnetics Connector Corporation has released an article highlighting the role of nano connectors in modern phased array antenna systems, which are steadily replacing older antenna and transmission technologies as the need for higher data throughput increases.

High-speed transmission is often required for a wide range of military and defense applications, including aircraft, naval vessels, and remote ground control stations.

Download the full article here

The article covers:

  • The difference between beamforming and older transmission technologies
  • Key elements of electronics and printed circuit board (PCB) design in phased array systems
  • How Omnetics’ Nano-D connectors meet the specialized pin count and ruggedness requirements for phased array circuits
  • Examples of applications that have benefited from phased array technology, including fire control systems and shipboard communications

To find out more about phased array transmission technologies and the specialized electronic design considerations involved, read the full article here.

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