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New 3U VPX PIC Variant Delivered by Concurrent Technologies

The new 3U VPX Plug-In Card (PIC) variant from Concurrent Technologies has double the memory capacity of the original and expands usage capabilities to include cyber and radio applications By William Mackenzie / 08 Aug 2023
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Concurrent Technologies, a global specialist in the design, development and manufacture of leading-edge embedded computer solutions for critical applications, has delivered a new variant of its 3U VPX Plug-In Card (PIC). 

New VPX Plug-In Card Variant Delivered by Concurrent Technologies

The new version of the company’s flagship PIC extends its usage capabilities to cyber and radio applications. 

Compared to the original TR K9x/6sd card used in visual computing applications, the new 3U VPX PIC variant has twice the memory capacity.

Concurrent Technologies estimate the new 3U VPX Plug-In Card to have a significantly increased lifetime value.

Nigel Jowitt, Director of Engineering, commented; “Our well-defined and streamlined product lifecycle process, augmented with our in-house manufacturing capability, allowed us to rapidly prototype this new product variant.” 

“The validation and environmental qualification steps were completed as planned by carefully managing and retiring risks. This enabled us to ship qualified products in a timeframe that delighted a lead customer, showing we are again on track to achieve one of our key strategic objectives of releasing more products faster”.

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