NDAA-Compliant Software-Defined Ecosystem For Next-Generation Robotics & Autonomous Vehicle Platforms
Skynode GX Mission computer & flight controller for drones and robotics
Skynode GX

Mission computer & flight controller for drones and robotics

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Skynode GX

Skynode GX is an all-in-one integrated flight controller and mission computer that enables the Auterion software platform to be deployed on almost any robotic vehicle, creating highly versatile interconnected autonomous systems. The fully NDAA-compliant unit is built on widely adopted industry standards such as FMUv6x, MAVLink, and PX4, allowing users to accelerate their development cycles. With a low SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint, Skynode GX is easily integrated into unmanned aerial vehicles, ground robotics and unmanned vessels (UAVs/UGVs/USVs).

Skynode GX allows users to easily integrate a range of third-party equipment and payloads such as cameras, sensors, and tactical radios, and provides a consistent and streamlined user interface. Thanks to the Auterion SDK and APIs, custom applications can be run onboard to facilitate mission-specific functionality such as AI and computer vision.

Skynode GX can be optionally provided with LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing real-time data to be sent from the field to the cloud.


Dimensions 110 x 58 x 22.2 mm
Weight 159 g
Power 5 VDC, typical current 3.5A
Flight Management Unit Cortex M7 Core
Triple-redundant sensors
8 kHz sensor readout
Mission Computer 1.8 GHz ARM A53 Quadcore
16 GB eMMC storage (+upgrades)
32 GB data partition
1080p60 H.264 hardware encoding