US Government Designates Northrop Grumman Radar AN/TPY-5(V)1

This designation means the digital multi-mode ground radar is now available for use by the US military and its international allies By DA Staff / 24 Jun 2022
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Northrop Grumman’s advanced digital long-range radar has been officially recognized by the US government as the AN/TPY-5(V)1, making it the newest multi-mission air-surveillance radar available to the US military and its international partners. 

“The AN/TPY-5(V)1 provides enhanced surveillance and a robust multifunction capability,” said Mike Meaney, vice president, land and maritime sensors, Northrop Grumman. “This S-band system features advanced electronic protection combined with a high degree of mobility that will help ensure survivability in today’s complex battlespace.”

AN/TPY-5(V)1’s size and form factor have been optimized for expeditionary operation on a modern, global battlefield, making its intrinsic capability to self-deploy, emplace and displace in minutes a key advantage.

Similarly, advanced digital AESA architecture and command and control (C2) integration have come together in the AN/TPY-5(V)1 S-band radar to enable protection and situational understanding for warfighters.

Facing the challenges of fifth-generation fighters, hypersonic weapons, unmanned systems and ballistic missiles, the AN/TPY-5(V)1’s performance has been demonstrated in multiple test events, with each one further establishing and verifying the system’s advanced technical capability.

Designed for growth, it can provide the performance expected in today’s highly contested and congested battlespace, while its advanced software-defined architecture allows for rapid updates to counter new and emerging threats. Updates can be completed via software in hours or even minutes with this system, compared to weeks or months required for some traditional ground-based radars.

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