Ultra-High 80TB Rugged Storage for Extreme Environments

The XSR system from Galleon can host large data sets, be used for long duration data collection missions, and can serve as central data storage for a wide range of demanding rugged applications By Joseph Macey / 27 Apr 2021
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Galleon Embedded Computing has announced that a further defense program has selected and procured the XSR Rugged NAS with 80TB of removable storage.

With ultra-high capacity, rugged solid state storage, the small form factor XSR system provides reliable, secure, Network Attached Storage (NAS) for the most extreme environments. The XSR Removable Data Module provides easy to use, toolless access to remove the high capacity rugged storage from the XSR Small Form Factor system.

XSR rugged recorder with removable data module

The XSR Server and Network Attached Storage systems are available with up to quad core Intel Xeon E3-1505Mv6 processors, 32GB of ECC memory, 5 GbE ports, up to 4 optical or copper 10GbE ports, and optional HWFDE using a FIPS 140-2 approved device. Combined with the high capacity 80TB removable data module, the XSR system can be used for long duration data collection missions, host large data sets, and serve as the central data storage for a wide range of demanding rugged applications.

The SWaP optimized design of the XSR family of systems is ideal for installation in challenging environments where rugged systems are required, and space is at a premium. The design allows for easy installation and provides multiple cooling options to best fit the requirements for each application.

Galleon’s CEO, Espen Bøch, commented, said:  “Galleon products are unmatched at combining dual layer data encryption with high capacity and high-performance storage and excellent network connectivity. Our customers keep coming back to us for our innovative product leadership and our customer care”.

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