RENK Supplies Gearbox & Electric Propulsion Motors for German F126 Frigates

The company’s combined diesel electric and diesel (CODLAD) propulsion system provides a top speed of more than 26 knots By DA Staff / 24 Jun 2022
Damen Naval F126 Frigate
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The general contractor Damen Naval and RENK have signed a contract to supply gearboxes and innovative electric propulsion systems for four new 126 Class (F126) frigates for the German Navy.

Ships such as the predecessor classes F125 and F124 are equipped with RENK gearboxes. 

This new propulsion system represents one key difference between the future F126 and older frigate models: the combined diesel electric and diesel (CODLAD) propulsion system provides a top speed of more than 26 knots.

Second-generation Advanced Electric Drive (AED)

RENK gearboxes are equally sophisticated and simultaneously connect each diesel engine with its drive shaft. Along with the gearbox, the company also supplies its Advanced Electric Drives (AED). These electric propulsion motors drive the propellers either individually or together with the diesel engine. This is the first time the German Navy is utilizing this propulsion concept.

Extremely low noise emissions

The CODLAD configuration offers a proven combination of increased power density, noise reduction through soft-elastic bearings, and flexible couplings as well as low weight and low installation height. The second evolutionary stage of the AED will now be installed on the F 126 frigates. RENK has optimized significant aspects of the drive system for naval applications. As a consequence, the design meets the low noise levels specified by the German Navy, making the new frigates difficult to detect, particularly in the lower speed range covered by the AED.

High value creation in Germany

As a proven supplier to the Navy, RENK has been closely involved in the F126 project since the initial project studies when the vessel was still referred to as the ‘Multi-Purpose Combat Ship 180 (MKS 180)’. In June 2020, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) awarded the construction contract for the four ships to Damen as the general contractor. 

Damen Naval will deliver the approximately 166-meter-long frigates to the German Navy as general contractor together with its sub-contractors Blohm + Voss and Thales. The ships will be constructed entirely in Germany at shipyards in Wolgast, Kiel and Hamburg. The first ship will be handed over in Hamburg in 2028, with the contract including an option for two further frigates.

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