Parker Aerospace Provides Hydraulics & Flight Controls for DEFIANT X 

The company will provide the hydraulic pump suite, flight control modules, and rotor and tail actuators for the Sikorsky-Boeing DEFIANT X entrant in the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) competition By DA Staff / 05 Apr 2022
Parker Aerospace for DEFIANT X
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The Sikorsky-Boeing team has selected multiple Parker Aerospace technologies for the DEFIANT X entrant in the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) competition, including the main hydraulic pumps, auxiliary pumps, flight control modules, Main Rotor Servoactuators (MRS) and the Hydraulic Tail Actuation System (HTAS). 

The hydraulic pump suite for the DEFIANT X aircraft will consist of main gearbox pumps and a smaller auxiliary pump. The suite utilizes features that Parker Aerospace has developed in its next-generation pump independent research and development program, as well as lessons learned from extensive experience with 5,000 psi commercial products. The next-generation design offers significant efficiency benefits such as lighter weight and less heat rejection, resulting in reduced fuel burn compared to alternative pumps. These benefits provide lower life cycle costs for the U.S. Army.

The highly integrated hydraulic Flight Control Modules (FCM) include the reservoir, filtration, valves and sensors. These modules enable condensed, lighter-weight packaging and eliminate the interconnecting tubing/hoses and associated leakage concerns. The FCMs facilitate reduced installation and maintenance times.

The MRS reflect Parker Aerospace’s investment and experience in fly-by-wire technology with an optimized design that saves weight and improves reliability in a harsh helicopter environment. Ballistic tolerance for the product comes from legacy experience on the UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache. The MRS leverage Parker’s experience on the SB>1 DEFIANT and S-97 RAIDER demonstrators.

The HTAS maximizes commonality in design for both the elevator and rudder control. Design simplification between the HTAS and MRS aid in repair and logistics. Parker Aerospace has proposed parallel aircraft qualification for both a traditional and additive manufactured component to leverage additional packaging, weight and operational advantages.

“Parker Aerospace is honored to be selected by Team DEFIANT as the collaborative provider of the hydraulic pump suite, flight control modules, and rotor and tail actuators for the Sikorsky-Boeing DEFIANT X,” said Parker Aerospace President Roger Sherrard. “Our organization has been a long-standing supplier of the flight controls and hydraulic power systems for the Army’s Black Hawk and Apache helicopters. Parker understands the critical nature of hydraulics in vertical flight, and has a proven record of rugged, reliable technology that supports the U.S. Military. We look forward to continuing to serve the U.S. Military on this fast and formidable next-generation platform.”

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, and Boeing are partnered as Team DEFIANT competing for the Future Vertical Lift FLRAA program award.

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